Rocket from Russia Episode February 19, 2015

Episode #116, Interview with Isotopes

9:59am - 11:03am

Hello Hello Hello!

Today on the show I had a guest in studio, #13 Evan October of the World Greatest Baseball themed Punk Rock Band The Isotopes. They released a brand new fantastic album “Nuclear Strikezone”, which came out this week on Stomp Records.

We talked about their new release, working with Blag from Dwarves, falling in love with a Yankees Fan, MLB Fancave, Alex Rodriguez and his steroids adventure and of course Cuban National Series and legendary Villa Clara’s championship in 2013!

And in the end of the show I also did a ticket giveaway for Cro-Mags, Vacant State, Power, Acquitted, Bishops Green @ Rickshaw.

THE ISOTOPES - Never Been Caught [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Total Juicehead [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Chicks Dig the Long Ball [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Magic Loogie [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Bleacher Creature Girl [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Hasta La Vista, Baby [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Situation No-No [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Hiroshima Dreamin’ [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Ballad Of Rey Ordoñez [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE ISOTOPES - Goodnight Havana [Nuclear Strikezone]
CRO-MAGS - Hard Times [The Age of Quarrel]
VACANT STATE - Fill The Void [Fill The Void LP]
POWER - Singing and Screaming [Death Haunts]
ACQUITTED - About to Break [Demo]
BISHOPS GREEN - Gross And Nett [Pressure]
THE ISOTOPES - Night Bus Home to You [Nuclear Strikezone]