Rocket from Russia Episode January 29, 2015

Episode #113

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

Another new episode of Rocket From Russia featuring new punk rock music! Let’s get right into that!

Block #1 represents my favorite music - different types of pop punk! New hits from Toyguitar (San Francisco, CA, USA), Good Shade (Columbus, OH, USA), The Schatzis (Vancouver, BC, Canada), The Brokedowns (Elgin, IL, USA), Poor Form (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

Block #2 features faster paced punk rock songs from Hey Mister! (Toronto, ON, Canada), Iron Chic (Long Island, NY, USA), Brookhurst (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Atlas Losing Grip (Malmö, Sweden).

Block #3 premiers 4 new songs from 4 local bands The Grave Life, Crime City, Spree Killers and Fashionism (all from Vancouver, BC, Canada). And a couple of songs from Canadian legends D.O.A., they are playing No Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion Benefit Show.

Overall a good episode! I do recommend!

ALKALINE TRIO - Time to Waste [Crimson]
TOYGUITAR - Human Hyenas [In This Mess]
GOOD SHADE - When You Go [Good Shade]
THE SCHATZIS - Up to the Attic [World Premiere]
THE BROKEDOWNS - Life Is A Breeze [Life Is A Breeze]
POOR FORM - Cowards [7”]
HEY MISTER! - Unnecessary, This Is Very [Rocket Summer]
IRON CHIC - L’espirit de L’escalier [Split 7”]
BROOKHURST - Right Now [Brookhurst]
ATLAS LOSING GRIP - Downwind [Currents]
THE GRAVE LIFE - Date Night [Blame It On The Weekend]
CRIME CITY - The Human Condition [Crime City]
SPREE KILLERS - Painted In Blood [7 Bloody Inches]
FASHIONISM - Where Have All The Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls Gone? [Smash The State (With Your Face) 7”]
D.O.A. - Fucked Up Ronnie [Bloodied But Unbowed]
D.O.A. - The Prisoner [Bloodied But Unbowed]
AGAINST ME! - We Laugh At Danger (And Break All The Rules) [Reinventing Axl Rose]

Track Listing:

time to waste
alkaline trio · crimson
toyGuitar · In This Mess
When You Go
Good Shade · Good Shade
Up to the Attic
The Schatzis · World Premiere
Life Is A Breeze
The Brokedowns · Life Is A Breeze
Poor Form · 7''
Unnecessary, This Is Very
Hey Mister! · Rocket Summer
L'espirit de L'escalier
Iron Chic · Split 7'' w/ Low Culture
Right Now
Brookhurst · Brookhurst
Atlas Losing Grip · Currents
Date Night
The Grave Life · Blame It On The Weekend
The Human Condition
Crime City · Crime City
Painted In Blood
Spree Killers · 7 Bloody Inches
Where Have All The Rock 'n' Roll Girls Gone?
Fashionism · Smash The State (With Your Face) 7''
Fucked Up Ronnie
D.O.A · Bloodied But Unbowed
The Prisoner
D.O.A · Bloodied But Unbowed
We Laugh at Danger (And Break All the Rules)
Against Me! · Reinventing Axl Rose