Rocket from Russia Episode January 22, 2015

Episode #112

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

This is the first episode of the year with some new punk rock music!

First block features brand new hardcore songs by Raised Fist (Luleå, Sweden), Giver (Köln/Paderborn, Germany), Dysnea Boys (Berlin, Germany), Atlas Losing Grip (Malmö, Sweden), Turnstile (Baltimore, OH, USA).

Then I played a block of new pop punk music from Brat'ya Piloty (Novosibirsk, Russia), Brookhurst (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Remember Lite-Brite? (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

Next block featured two song premiers from Fashionism (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and First Base (Toronto, ON, Canada). Both 7”s are now available on Hosehead Records.

And the final block features songs by local bands which are playing shows this weekend: Raised By Apes at SBC and Desolation Sound & Flagpolers @ Alf House.

P.S. I’m doing a Punk Rock Trivia Night on January 27th at The Biltmore Cabaret. Check it out! Should be super fun!

MAD CADDIES - Mary Melody [Rock The Plank]
RAISED FIST - In Circles [From The North]
GIVER - Tunnel Vision [Mother Midnight]
DYSNEA BOYS - Find Water [Find Water 7”]
ATLAS LOSING GRIP - Cynosure [Currents]
TURNSTILE - Can’t Deny It [Nonstop Feeling]
BRAT'YA PILOTY - Kto Skazhet Mne [Gde Net Menya]
BROOKHURST - Focus Deprived [Brookhurst]
REMEMBER LITE-BRITE? - I Can’t Say What Tonight Brings [This Songs About You]
FASHIONISM - Smash The State (With Your Face) [Smash The State 7”]
FIRST BASE - Your Love Is Paradise [You’ve Got A Hold On Me]
RAISED BY APES - We Will Proclaim [No Sooner Than Immediately]
DESOLATION SOUND - Quayside [War, On Drugs]
FLAGPOLERS - King Of The Travellers [Split 7” w/ Desolation Sound]
THE AGGROLITES - Free Time [Reggae Hit L.A.]

Track Listing:

Mary Melody
Mad Caddies · Rock The Plank
In Circles
Raised Fist · From The North
Tunnel Vision
Giver · Mother Midnight
Find Water
Dysnea Boys · Find Water 7''
Atlas Losing Grip · Currents
Can't Deny It
Turnstile · Nonstop Feeling
Кто Скаж&a
Братья П&a · Где Нет М&
Focus Deprived
Brookhurst · Brookhurst
I can't say what tonight brings
Remember Lite-Brite? · This Songs About You
Smash The State (With Your Face)
Fashionism · Smash The State 7"
Your Love Is Paradise
First Base · You've Got A Hold On Me
We Will Proclaim
Raised by Apes · No Sooner Than Immediately
Desolation Sound · War, On Drugs
King Of The Travellers
Flagpolers · Split 7'' w/Desolation Sound
Free Time
The Aggrolites · Reggae Hit L.A.