Rocket from Russia Episode December 11, 2014

Episode #108, Best of 2014. Vancouver Edition

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

That was the second last episode of the year and its time for reviews, tops and other summary-type-of-bullshit. I’m a nerd that way! I like doing lists and tops of my favorite releases in the end of the year.

Since I started doing this show 5 years ago, always last two episodes of the year were Best Of the Year Vancouver Edition and overall Best Of The Year episode. I feel that’s it’s important to have a separate show just for local releases, because all those local scenes around the world are the basis of the overall punk rock scene on this planet. And it’s so easy to celebrate local scene in Vancouver, because we have such a strong and diverse scene in this city.

Alright, enought bullshit! Here’s the episode. There are three blocks of songs from my favorite local releases of the year and in the end of the episode I played hits from my three favorite local releases of the year. Success!

GOB - Apt 13 [Apt 13]
THE REBEL SPELL - Grass Rat [Last Run]
DAGRS - God & Country [DAGRS]
INVASIVES - Mouths of Monsters [Robot Stink]
B-LINES - Tell Me [Opening Band]
THE BINZ - Trouble on the Horizon [How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots]
BISHOPS GREEN - Hell In A Handbag [Pressure]
POOR FORM - Boxed In [Demo]
DESOLATION SOUND - Window [Split 7” w/ Flagpolers]
FLAGPOLERS - Sure This Is It, Though Isn’t It [ArseWays EP]
SIGHTLINES - Commiseration [Split 7” Crystal Swells]
SLOW LEARNERS - When I Was Fun [Grow On You]
YOUTH DECAY - Little Winnipeg [Fatter Older Drunker 7’]
BAPTISTS - String Up [Bloodmines]
ALL OUT PANIC - Panic Attack [Panic Attack]
LEVELER - Sundials [Calloused]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Burnt Out Frame [Long Winter]
NEEDLES//PINS - You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk [Shamebirds]
WHITE LUNG - Drown With The Monster [Deep Fantasy]
WHITE LUNG - Down It Goes [Deep Fantasy]
WHITE LUNG - Snake Jaw [Deep Fantasy]
WHITE LUNG - In Your Home [Deep Fantasy]

Track Listing:

Apt 13
Gob · Apt 13
Grass Rat
The Rebel Spell · Last Run
God & Country
Mouths of Monsters
Invasives · Robot Stink
Tell Me
B-Lines · Opening band
Trouble on the Horizon
The Binz · How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots
Hell in a Handbag
Bishops Green · Pressure
Boxed In
Poor Form · Demo
Desolation Sound · Split 7" w/ Flagpolers
Sure This Is It, Though Isn't It
Flagpolers · ArseWays EP
Sightlines · Split 7' w/ Crystal Swells
When I Was Fun
Slow Learners · Grow On You
Little Winnipeg
Youth Decay · Older Fatter Drunker 7'
String Up
Baptists · Bloodmines
Panic Attack
All Out Panic · Panic Attack
Leveler · Calloused
Burnt Out Frame
Jesse LeBourdais · Long Winter
You Only Call Me When You're Drunk
NEEDLES//PINS · Shamebirds
Drown With The Monster
White Lung · Deep Fantasy
Down It Goes
White Lung · Deep Fantasy
Snake Jaw
White Lung · Deep Fantasy
In Your Home
White Lung · Deep Fantasy