Rocket from Russia Episode September 11, 2014

Episode #96, Interview with Patrick (Hosehead Records)

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

Today on the show I had a guest in the studio (which is always exciting). Patrick of Hosehead Records stopped by and we talked about his label, being a small record label in current circumstances of music industry, reasoning behind tape releasing/buying, process of releasing a record, differences between Vancouver and Toronto scenes and printing bootlegged t-shirts for The White Wires.

Turned out to be a pretty fun conversation which is available for your listens below the jpeg picture of Patrick and the songlist of this particular episode! BRAVO!

RED DONS - Pariah [Fake Meets Failure]
TV FREAKS - Leeches [Leeches 7”]
AVERAGE TIMES - Popsicle [Average Times]
THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Monterrey [Monterrey 7”]
PINK WINE - Persistent Cops [Pink Wine]
SAM COFFEY AND THE IRON LUNGS - All To Myself [All To Myself 7”]
FIRST BASE - Party, Party, Party [Party, Party, Party EP]
THE WHITE WIRES - Let’s Go To The Beach [WWII]
SONIC AVENUES - Television Youth [Television Youth]
BANNER PILOT - Sun Belt Scars [Pass The Poison]
THE DECAY - The Other Face (M4M) [Decayfarer Split]
NEEDLES//PINS - Hale Bop [12:34]

Track Listing:

Red Dons · Fake Meets Failure
TV Freaks · Leeches 7''
Average Times · Average Times
The Steve Adamyk Band · Monterrey 7"
Persistent Cops
Pink Wine · Untitled
All To Myself
Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs · All To Myself 7"
Party, Party, Party
First Base · Party, Party, Party EP
Let's Go To The Beach
The White Wires · WWII
Television Youth
Sonic Avenues · Television Youth
Sun Belt Scars
Banner Pilot · Pass The Poison
The Other Face (M4M)
The Decay · Decayfarer
hale bop
needles//pins · 12:34