Rocket from Russia Episode September 4, 2014

Episode #95

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

In the first block I grouped together songs from the albums which were released this year by legendary bands Dwarves, 7Seconds, Bob Mould, Only Crime, Adolescents.

Next block featured wonderful girl sang and fronted bands: Baby Ghosts (Salt Lake City, UT, USA), Earth Girls (Chicago, IL, USA), Poor Form (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Martha (Durham, UK)

And then I did two ticket giveaways: one for Ellesmere, The Greatest Sons, Shockload, Anchoress, Blacked Out, Guts and Glory show at the Astoria and Invasives and War Baby tour kick off show at the Biltmore.

THE QUEERS - Houston We Have A Problem [Munki Brain]
DWARVES - Kings of the World [The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll]
7SECONDS - Your Hate Mentality [Leave A Light On]
BOB MOULD - Kid with Crooked Face [Beauty & Ruin]
ONLY CRIME - In Blood [Pursuance]
ADOLESCENTS - Let It Go [La Vendetta...]
BABY GHOSTS - Oil/Sunshine [Maybe Ghosts]
EARTH GIRLS - Unfinished Thoughts [Demo 2014]
POOR FORM - July [Demo]
MARTHA - 1997, Passing in the Hallway [Courting Strong]
ELLESMERE - Man Horse [Bail City]
THE GREATEST SONS - Seventh Grade [We'll Take The Road]
SHOCKLOAD - Bail Me Out [Attractive Distraction]
ANCHORESS - Dear Home [Crime & Compass]
BLACKED OUT - The Bottom Line [Life Beyond The Line]
INVASIVES - Mouths of Monsters [Robot Stink]
WAR BABY - Frankenstein [Jesus Horse]
SCREECHING WEASEL - Hey Suburbia [BoogadaBoogadaBoogada]

Track Listing:

houston we have a problem
the queers · munki brain
Kings of the World
Dwarves · The Dwarves Invented Rock 'n Roll
Your Hate Mentality
7Seconds · Leave A Light On
Kid With Crooked Face
Bob Mould · Beauty & Ruin
In Blood
Only Crime · Pursuance
Let It Go
Adolescents · La Vendetta...
Baby Ghosts · Maybe Ghosts
Unfinished Thoughts
Earth Girls · Demo 2014
Poor Form · Demo
1997, Passing in the Hallway
Martha · Courting Strong
Man Horse
Ellesmere · Bail City
Seventh Grade
The Greatest Sons · We'll Take The Road
Bail Me Out
Shockload · Attractive Distraction
Dear Home
Anchoress · Crime & Compass
The Bottom Line
Blacked Out · Life Beyond The Line
Mouths of Monsters
Invasives · Robot Stink
War Baby · Jesus Horse
Hey Suburbia
Screeching Weasel · BoogadaBoogadaBoogada