Rocket from Russia Episode August 28, 2014

Episode #94

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

Today was the show of new music. In the first block I played some new pop punk, duh! New fabulous tracks by The Copyrights (Carbondale, IL, USA), Hospital Job (Springfield, IL, USA), Joyce Manor (Torrance, CA, USA), Bad Cop/Bad Cop (Los Angeles, CA, USA), The 20 Belows (Copenhagen, Denmark), DeeCracks (Vienna, Austria).

Next block was dedicated to Ryan who is the regular listener of the show. Ryan likes ska, so that block featured tracks by Mad Caddies (Santa Barbara, CA, USA), Less Than Jake (Gainesville, FL, USA), The Planet Smashers (Montreal, QC, Canada), Mustard Plug (Grand Rapids, MI, USA) and The Skinny (Montreal, QC, Canada).

And in the end of the show I gave away tickets to Stepmothers (Edmonton, AB, Canada), The Greatest Sons, Flagpolers, Desolation Sound (all from Vancouver, BC, Canada) show.

THE LAWRENCE ARMS - Like A Record Player [Oh! Calcutta!]
THE COPYRIGHTS - Don’t Want In [No Knocks]
HOSPITAL JOB - Times Square [The Believer]
JOYCE MANOR - Heart Tattoo [Never Hungover Again]
BAD COP/BAD COP - Cucumber [Boss Lady]
THE 20 BELOWS - So Simple [Wreckage EP]
DEECRACKS - Summer’s Gone [Beyond Medication]
MAD CADDIES - Bring It Down [Dirty Rice]
LESS THAN JAKE - Connect The Dots [Do The Math 7”]
THE PLANET SMASHERS - D-Don’t [Mixed Messages]
MUSTARD PLUG - Bang! [Can’t Contain It]
THE SKINNY - Working on a Deadline [Presents The Skinny Pill]
STEPMOTHERS - Goodnight [Stepmother]
THE GREATEST SONS - Lookin’ For A Good Time Baby? [We’ll Take The Road]
FLAGPOLERS - King Of The Travellers [Split 7” w/ Desolation Sound]
DESOLATION SOUND - Drain [Split 7” w/ Flagpolers]
THE FLATLINERS - Count Your Bruises [Cavalcade]

Track Listing:

Like A Record Player
The Lawrence Arms · Oh! Calcutta!
Don't Want In
The Copyrights · No Knocks
Times Square
Hospital Job · The Believer
Heart Tattoo
Joyce Manor · Never Hungover Again
Bad Cop/Bad Cop · Boss Lady
So Simple
The 20 Belows · Wreckage EP
Summer's Gone
DeeCracks · Beyond Medication
Bring It Down
Mad Caddies · Dirty Rice
Connect The Dots
Less Than Jake · Do the Math
The Planet Smashers · Mixed Messages
Mustard Plug · Can't Contain It
Working on a Deadline
The Skinny · Presents The Skinny Pill
Stepmothers · Stepmothers
Lookin' For A Good Time Baby
The Greatest Sons · We'll Take The Road
King Of The Travellers
Flagpolers · Split 7" w/ Desolation Sound
Desolation Sound · Split 7" w/ Flagpolers
Count Your Bruises
The Flatliners · Cavalcade