Rocket from Russia Episode August 21, 2014

Episode #93

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

Lots of new awesome punk rock music in this episode of Rocket From Russia.

First block features new tracks by PUP (Toronto, ON, Canada), The Menzingers (Philadelphia, PA, USA), Banner Pilot (Minneapolis, MN, USA), Modern Baseball (Philadelphia, PA, USA), Roll The Tanks (Lowell, MA, USA).

Next block featured skacore/crack rock steady songs by Morning Glory (New York, NY, USA), The Poseurs (Moscow, Russia), Atrocity Solution (Wausau, WI, USA), Dead Rejects (Jersey City, NJ, USA), Corporation (Toronto, ON, Canada).

And in the final part of the show I gave away tickets to GOB album release show at The Imperial. GOB are playing with two local bands Living With Lions and Jiffy Marker.

THE COPYRIGHTS - Sleepwalker [Learn The Hard Way]
PUP - Reservoir [PUP]
THE MENZINGERS - Rodent [Rented World]
BANNER PILOT - Modern Shakes [Souvenir]
MODERN BASEBALL - Broken Cash Machine [You’re Gonna Miss It All]
ROLL THE TANKS - Broke Til Midnight [Broke Til Midnight]
MORNING GLORY - I Am Machine Gun [War Psalms #04]
THE POSEURS - 1968 [Disco]
ATROCITY SOLUTION - Picking Up The Pieces [Lost Remedies]
DEAD REJECTS - Hollowed Out [This Is Killing Me]
CORPORATION - Venom [Shadows Of The Corporation]
GOB - Apt 13 [Apt 13]
LIVING WITH LIONS - Regret Song [Holy Shit]
JIFFY MARKER - Back In Time [Demo]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Hideout [I Go By The Sound]

Track Listing:

The Copyrights · Learn The Hard Way
Pup · Pup
The Menzingers · Rented World
Modern Shakes
Banner Pilot · Souvenir
Broken Cash Machine
Modern Baseball · You're Gonna Miss It All
Broke Til Midnight
Roll The Tanks · Broke Til Midnight
I Am Machine Gun
Morning Glory · War Psalms
The Poseurs · Disco
Picking Up The Pieces
Atrocity Solution · Lost Remedies
Hollowed Out
Dead Rejects · This Is Killing Me
Corporation · Shadows Of The Corporation
Apt 13
Gob · Apt 13
Regret Song
Living With Lions · Holy Shit
Back In Time
Jiffy Marker · Demo
Jesse LeBourdais · I Go by the Sound