Rocket from Russia Episode August 7, 2014

Episode #91, 100% Local Music

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

That was a 100% local show! I started with a few brand new tracks by local bands White Lung, The Binz, B-Lines, Bishops Green and Emergency.

Then we chatted with Byron from Invasives over the phone about the release of their new studio album Robot Stink, their upcoming tour and album release show.

After the interview I played another block of new local music which featured tracks by Needles//Pins, Sightlines, Slow Learners, Flagpolers and Desolation Sound.

And the final block featured track from a new compilation “Pacific Sound System” which was released by the dudes from The Brass Action.

NOMEANSNO - Oh! No! Bruno! [Wrong]
WHITE LUNG - Down It Goes [Deep Fantasy]
THE BINZ - Radio [How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots]
B-LINES - Tell Me [Opening Band]
BISHOPS GREEN - Another Door [Pressure]
EMERGENCY - Media Control [Media Control EP]
Interview with Byron (Invasives)
INVASIVES - Robot Stink [Robot Stink]
NEEDLES//PINS - Shamebirds [Shamebirds]
SIGHTLINES - Commiseration [Split 7” w/ Crystal Swells]
SLOW LEARNERS - Posturing [Grow On You]
FLAGPOLERS - Moby Mick [Split 7” w/ Desolation Sound]
DESOLATION SOUND - Whiskey [Split 7” w/ Flagpolers]
THE BRASS ACTION - Nothing to See Here (Unreleased Track) [Pacific Sound System]
LOS FURIOS - How the Mighty Have Fallen (2014) (Unreleased Track) [Pacific Sound System]
BREHDREN - Midnight (Unreleased Track) [Pacific Sound System]
THE TRANZMITORS - Bigger Houses / Broken Homes [Bigger Houses / Broken Homes 7”]

Track Listing:

Oh No! Bruno!
NoMeansNo · Wrong
Down It Goes
White Lung · Deep Fantasy
The Binz · How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots
Tell Me
B-Lines · Opening band
Another Door
Bishops Green · Pressure
Media Control
Emergency · Media Control EP
Robot Stink
Invasives · Robot Stink
Needles//Pins · Shamebirds
Sightlines · Split 7'' w/ Crystal Swells
Slow Learners · Grow On You
Moby Mick
Flagpolers · Split 7" w/ Desolation Sound
Desolation Sound · Split 7" w/ Flagpolers
Nothing to See Here (Unreleased Track)
The Brass Action · Pacific Sound System
How the Mighty Have Fallen (2014) (Unreleased Track)
Los Furios · Pacific Sound System
Midnight (Unreleased Track)
Brehdren · Pacific Sound System
Bigger Houses​/​Broken Homes
Tranzmitors · Bigger Houses​/​Broken Homes 7''
they know!
the rebel spell · four songs about freedom