Rocket from Russia Episode July 24, 2014

Episode #89

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

I started the show with a block of new Ukulele-Gutterbilly-Bluegrass songs by The Pukes (London, UK), Old Man Markley (San Fernando Valley, CA, USA), The Goddamn Gallows (Detroit, MI, USA), Fishgutzzz & His Ignorant Band (South Warren, MI, USA) and Uke Hunt (San Francisco, CA, USA).

Then I played tracks by Andrew Jackson Jihad, Hard Girls and Dogbreth, because they played a show at The Biltmore Cabaret that day.

And the final block features four local melodic hardcore bands which also played a show that day in Vancouver - Youth Decay, Parting Ways, Fair Weather Friends and Costin Hall.

THE FLATLINERS - Eulogy [The Great Awake]
THE PUKES - Sheena is a Punk Rocker [Too Drunk To Pluck]
OLD MAN MARKLEY - Stupid Today [Stupid Today]
THE GODDAMN GALLOWS - What Was The High [The Maker]
FISHGUTZZZ & HIS IGNORANT BAND - Muckabout [Fishgutzzz & His Ignorant Band]
UKE HUNT - Needles and Pins [Uke Hunt]
ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD - Children of God [Christmas Island]
HARD GIRLS - The Quark [A Thousand Surfaces]
DOGBRETH - Shakin’ [Sentimental Health]
YOUTH DECAY - Little Winnipeg [Older Fatter Drunker]
PARTING WAYS - Expectations (feat. Stu Ross) [If We Get Lost]
FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS - Jack’s Ex-Girlfriend [How Can I Get This For Free?]
COSTIN HALL - Island Town [E.P.]
MEAN JEANS - Let’s Pogo B4 U Gogo [Are You Serious?

Track Listing:

The Flatliners · The Great Awake
Sheena is a Punk Rocker
The Pukes · Too Drunk To Pluck
Stupid Today
Old Man Markley · Stupid Today
What Was The High
The Goddamn Gallows · The Maker
Fishgutzzz & His Ignorant Band · Fishgutzzz & His Ignorant Band
Needles and Pins
Uke Hunt · Uke Hunt
Children of God
Andrew Jackson Jihad · Christmas Island
The Quark
Hard Girls · A Thousand Surfaces
Dogbreth · Sentimental Health
Little Winnipeg
Youth Decay · Older Fatter Drunker
Expectations (feat. Stu Ross)
Parting Ways · If We Get Lost
Jack's Ex-Girlfriend
Fair Weather Friends · How Can I Get This For Free?
Island Town
Costin Hall · E.P.
Let's Pogo B4 U Gogo
Mean Jeans · Are You Serious?
unicorn rider
the hextalls · call it a comeback