Rocket from Russia Episode June 5, 2014

Episode #82, Summer Pop Punk mixtape

10:04am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello! Here’s my summer pop punk contribution to La-Ta-Da Records Mixtapes!

DEAR LANDLORD - I Live In Hell [Dream Homes]
THE DOPAMINES - Operate [Soap And Lampshades]
MEAN JEANS - Born On A Saturday Night [Are You Serious?]
TURKISH TECHNO - Lazy Afternoon [Past Due]
FEAR OF LIPSTICK - Just For A Moment [Fear of Lipstick]
COBRA SKULLS - Never Be A Machine [Never Be A Machine 7”]
DIRECT HIT! - Snickers Or Reese’s (Pick Up The Pieces) [Domesplitter]
THE ERGS! - Extra Medium [Dorkrockcorkrod]
THE COPYRIGHTS - 57 North [Learn The Hard Way]
THE MURDERBURGERS - Moron [How to Ruin Your Life]
PMA - Некино [Некино]
THE HEXTALLS - I Bred This Beard For Slaughter [Rock You To Sleeз]
HOUSE BOAT - Quivering [The Thorns of Life]
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - I Hope You Die [Out Utero]
CITY MOUSE - Dumb Dumb Dumb [City Mouse]
THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Lies, Lies [The Steve Adamyk Band]
MASKED INTRUDER - 25 To Life [Masked Intruder]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Welcome to the Daiso [Pink Razors]
DAN VAPID AND THE CHEATS - I Wanna Go To Machu Picchu Before I Die [Two]
RIVERDALES - Diabolik [Tarantula]
THE ISOTOPES - Poison In The Clubhouse [Heatseeker EP]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Skate Or Die [They Came From The Shadows]
SCREECHING WEASEL - Follow Your Leaders [First World Manifesto]
THE REAGANOMICS - My Best Friend Is A Bear [Get Lost, Stay Lost]
ACCELERATORS - 13-07-1995 [Fuel For The Fire]
SASS DRAGONS - Give It Back [New Kids On The Bong]
VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - Leaving Town [Ruined The Scene]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Fuck This, I’m Out [From The Bottom]
JETTY BOYS - Save Me From Myself [Let ‘Er Rip!]
DEECRACKS - I See You Around [Attention! Deficit Disorder]