Rocket from Russia Episode December 19, 2013

Episode #62, Best of 2013, Vancouver Edition

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

In this episode I played songs from my favorite local releases which came out in 2013.

We have a very strong scene in Vancouver and have loads of awesome bands which might be not very well known outside of BC. I hope this episode could help listeners outside of Vancouver discover a few new exciting bands and for local listeners it is a way to celebrate our local scene!

SNFU - Morley [Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You]
NERVOUS TALK - Introductions [Introductions 7”]
TOUGH AGE - Dream Date [Tough Age]
THE BINZ - Hale-Bopp [The Binz]
BISHOPS GREEN - The Crow [Bishops Green]
ELLESMERE - Man Horse [Bail City]
LIVING WITH LIONS - Scarred [Some Of My Friends Appear Dead To Me]
OPEN LETTERS - Loosey Noosey [1-6]
NEEDLES//PINS - Outa This Place [Outa This Place / Date Night (You Bring the Napalm) 7″]
DEAD GHOSTS - I Want You Back [Can’t Get No]
THE BALLANTYNES - Let It Rain [Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church]
THE BRASS ACTION - Jack Kerouac [Making Waves]
BONE DADDIES - Sinister City [Sinister City]
PORN FOR THE BLIND - So High [Medicine Cabinet]
JERK STORE - Waiting Room [Jerk Store]
CONTRA CODE - Slay Them All [Sickrad]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Burnt Out Frame [Home]

Track Listing:

SNFU · Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You
Nervous Talk · Introductions 7''
Dream Date
Tough Age · Tough Age
The Binz · The Binz EP
The Crow
Bishops Green · Bishops Green
Man Horse
Ellesmere · Bail City EP
Living With Lions · Some Of My Friends Appear Dead To Me
loosey noosey
open letters · 1-6
i want you back
dead ghosts · can't get no
Let It Rain
The Ballantynes · Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church
Jack Kerouac
The Brass Action · Making Waves
Sinister City
Bone Daddies · Sinister City
So High
Porn For The Blind · Medicine Cabinet
Waiting Room
Jerk Store · Jerk Store
Slay Them All
Contra Code · Sickrad
Burnt Out Frame
Jesse LeBourdais · Home