Rocket from Russia Episode December 5, 2013

Episode #60

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

That was the last episode of Rocket From Russia featuring new music this year. 2013 is almost done and the next three shows will be “Best Of”-type-of-shows: best interviews of 2013, best of 2013 Vancouver edition and overall best of 2013.

In first block I played a little bit of pop-punk….what a surprise!!! Dan Vapid and The Cheats - one of the best releases of the year; Cyanide Pills - great powerpop/pop-punk band from Leeds, UK; ToyGuitar - new project from my favorite punk rock guitarist Jack Dalrymple; Jetty Boys - awesome pop-punk band from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA; Carbona - is an influential pop punk band from Brazil, they’ve been playing since late 90’s; and the last track in this pop punk block of songs is by the band Worthwhile Way - a super cute female fronted pop punk band from Japan.

Second block includes ska punk bands from all over the world: Kemuri (Japan), The Prosecution (Abensberg, Germany), The Sheds (Agoura Hills, CA, USA), The Bennies (Melbourne, Autralia) and Distemper (Moscow, Russia).

Third block includes SNUFF's version of “On the Outside” from amazing compilation “The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute”, new Gogol Bordello song and an awesome version of Cock Sparrer's Because You're Young performed by an interesting band The Pukes. This band includes 18 women and a couple of blokes play punk classics on the ukulele.

And in the end I gave away a pair of tickets to The Flatliners, Living With Lions & Stress Eating show at The Biltmore Cabaret.

CHIXDIGGIT! - You're Pretty Good [Pink Razors]
DAN VAPID AND THE CHEATS - I'm A Contrarian [Two]
CYANIDE PILLS - Dont Turn Right [Still Bored]
TOYGUITAR - Shoot The Piano Player [EP]
JETTY BOYS - Abandon Ship [Let 'Er Rip!]
CARBONA - Um [Panama]
WORTHWHILE WAY - Swig Beer [Love Coffee and A Tune 7'']
KEMURI - Standing In The Rain [All For This!]
THE PROSECUTION - Sofa Spuds [At the Edge of the End]
THE SHEDS - Everything I Love [I'll Be Fine]
THE BENNIES - It Goes Without Saying [Rainbows in Space]
DISTEMPER - Получить Ответ [Гордость, Вера, Любовь]
THE INTERRUPTERS - White Noise [The Interrupters 7'']
SNUFF - On the Outside [The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute]
GOGOL BORDELLO - We Rise Again [Pura Vida Conspiracy]
THE PUKES - Because You're Young [Will I Learn?]
THE FLATLINERS - Caskets Full [Dead Language]
LIVING WITH LIONS - Scarred [Some Of My Friends Appear Dead To Me]
STRESS EATING - Rhythm Jester [Demo]
THE BALLANTYNES - No Love [Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church]

Track Listing:

You're Pretty Good
Chixdiggit! · Pink Razors
I'm A Contrarian
Dan Vapid and The Cheats · Two
Dont Turn Right
Cyanide Pills · Still Bored
Shoot The Piano Player
ToyGuitar · EP
Abandon Ship
Jetty Boys · Let 'Er Rip!
Carbona · Panama
Swig Beer
Worthwhile Way · Love Coffee and A Tune 7''
Standing In The Rain
Kemuri · All For This!
Sofa Spuds
The Prosecution · At the Edge of the End
Everything I Love
The Sheds · I'll Be Fine
It Goes Without Saying
The Bennies · Rainbows in Space
On the Outside
Snuff · The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute
We Rise Again
Gogol Bordello · Pura Vida Conspiracy
Because You're Young
The Pukes · The Pukes 7''
Caskets Full
The Flatliners · Dead Language
Some of My Friends Appear Dead To Me
Living With Lions · Scarred
Rhythm Jester
Stress Eating · Demo
No Love
The Ballantynes · Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church
The Binz · The Binz
Glamour Girls
Tranzmitors · Busy Singles
Fist City · It's 1983 Grow Up!
White Lung · Sorry
Apollo Ghosts · Landmark
Jerk Store · Headaches