Rocket from Russia Episode November 28, 2013

Episode #59

10:00am - 11:00am

Here are the three hellos to start this post!

This episode is full of new and very quality punk rock!!!

For example first block features ah-MAH-zing bands such as Epic Problem (UK), Galactic Cannibal (USA), The Flatliners (Canada), Паразиты (Russia), Trigger Effect, Dig It Up (both from Canada) and Night Birds (USA).

Ok! I used the word “ah-MAH-zing" the way Penny Hartz from Happy Endings uses it…now I have to come with another adjective which will describe bands involved in the next block. How about "fantastic"? Cool…coolcoolcool!

Next block involves fantastic bands such as Chewing on Tinfoil (Ireland), The Shell Corporation, Iron Chic and Red City Radio (all from USA).

And in the end of the show a block of beautiful Canadian bands: Open Letters (Vancouver, BC), The Victim Party (Toronto, ON) and The Throwaways (Calgary, AB).

COMEBACK KID - G.M. Vincent & I [Symptoms + Cures]
EPIC PROBLEM - Short Circuit [All Broken]
GALACTIC CANNIBAL - Hate Everything More [We’re Fucked]
THE FLATLINERS - Bury Me [Dead Language]
PARASITES - Poy So Mnoy [Poy So Mnoy]
TRIGGER EFFECT - II: Voracity Just Can’t Be Beat [What’s Left to Eliminate?]
DIG IT UP - Jeff’s Bridges (feat. Erin Power) [Manners]
NIGHT BIRDS - New Cults [Born to Die in Suburbia]
CHEWING ON TINFOIL - Fuck Team Sports [Marrowbone Lane]
THE SHELL CORPORATION - Remember Remember [Mandrake]
IRON CHIC - Bogus Journey [The Constant One]
RED CITY RADIO - Joy Comes With The Morning [Titles]
OPEN LETTERS - How It Is//I’ll have the milk steak, boiled over hard, and your finest jelly beans, raw [1-6]
THE VICTIM PARTY - Soft Drinks [Hard Drugs / Soft Drinks 7”]
THE THROWAWAYS - Friday Date [The Throwaways 7”]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - The Night The Lights Went Out In Scotland [Oot & Aboot]

Track Listing:

G.M. Vincent & I
Comeback Kid · Symptoms + Cures
Short Circuit
Epic Problem · All Broken
Hate Everything More
Galactic Cannibal · We're Fucked
Bury Me
The Flatliners · Dead Language
II: Voracity Just Can't Be Beat
Trigger Effect · What's Left to Eliminate?
Jeff's Bridges (feat. Erin Power of Laureate)
Dig It Up · Manners
New Cults
Night Birds · Born to Die in Suburbia
Fuck Team Sports
Chewing on Tinfoil · Marrowbone Lane
Remember Remember
The Shell Corporation · Mandrake
Bogus Journey
Iron Chic · The Constant One
Joy Comes With The Morning
Red City Radio · Titles
Soft Drinks
The Victim Party · Hard Drugs / Soft Drinks
Friday Date
The Throwaways · The Throwaways
The Night The Lights Went Out In Scotland
The Real McKenzies · Oot & Aboot