Rocket from Russia Episode October 24, 2013

Episode #54, Interview with The Smith Street Band

10:08am - 11:17am

G’day G’day G’day!

In this episode an interview with my new friends The Smith Street Band from Melbourne, Australia. I talked to Wil Wagner, who is a singer and a guitarist in the band.

We discussed a few different topics including their new EP “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams" which came out on Asian Man Records this year, Tazmania, the best Australian band of all time (that’s obviously Frenzal Rhomb), Australian vegetarian restaurant Lentil as Anything, drinking beer from a shoe (apparently that’s common for Aussies), playing music on the tram and buying tickets to their own show. Turned out to be a pretty fun conversation!

And in the end of the show, worldwide radio premiere of a song by a local band “Porn For The Blind”. They are playing at LanaLou’s tomorrow.

P.S. Thanks to Chris Bosma of Jack Knife Records for setting up this interview and Andrew Johnson for an amazing jpg file!

P.S.S. The whole show I was announcing an unspecial two-hour episode. Originally station asked me to do a two hour show, but then turned out that they had someone else for that second hour. Sorry for the confusion.

THE SMITH STREET BAND - I Ain't Safe [No One Gets Lost Anymore]
THE SMITH STREET BAND - Don't Fuck With Our Dreams [Don't Fuck With Our Dreams]
Interview with Wil Wagner (The Smith Street Band), part 1
THE SMITH STREET BAND - Bigger Than Us [Don't Fuck With Our Dreams]
Interview with Wil Wagner (The Smith Street Band), part 2
THE SMITH STREET BAND - Sigourney Weaver [No One Gets Lost Anymore]
Interview with Wil Wagner (The Smith Street Band), part 3
FRENZAL RHOMB - Russell Crowes Band [Sans Souci]
LOCAL RESIDENT FAILURE - Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya? [A Breath Of Stale Air]
THE DECLINE - A Crash Course In Emotional English [Are You Gonna Eat That?]
ARMY OF CHAMPIONS - Sink, Sink, Down, Down [If Only Just To Hold]
THE BENNIES - Better Off Dread [Better Off Dread]
THE SMITH STREET BAND - Young Drunk [Sunshine And Technology]
PORN FOR THE BLIND - So High [Medicine Cabinet]