Rocket from Russia Episode October 10, 2013

Episode #52, Rocket From Russia turns 1! Anniversary show!

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

What a great success, Rocket From Russia turns 1! I’ve been on CiTR since 2010, but exactly a year ago I started my own show called Rocket From Russia.I love doing the show and I hope you’re enjoying as well. I’d like to thank the station for letting me do what I love, Marielle who made my radio dream come true and obviously all the listeners who listen live or listen to podcast! Thanks for your support!

In this anniversary show I did what this show is know for - played new punk rock songs from all other the world. In the first block new awesome songs by Misconduct (Sweden), Epic Problem (UK), Implants (USA), The Flatliners (Canada) and Маррадёры (Russia).

Second block obviously features a lot of pop punk/powerpop! How could I do an anniversary show without any pop punk?!? No way! Songs by Cyanide Pills (UK), ToyGuitar, Dan Vapid and The Cheats, Masked Intruder, Kurt Baker and Jetty Boys (all bands from USA).

A bit of ska in the end of the show The Bennies (Australia), Distemper (Russia) and Gimp Fist (UK).

And like always, in the end of the show songs by the bands which are playing in Vancouver this weekend. Awesome local bands Bishops Green and The Fight United are playing at the Pat’s Pub this Saturday.

NOFX - Happy Birthday You’re Not Special [They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live!]
MISCONDUCT - Wasted Life Part II [Blood On Our Hands]
EPIC PROBLEM - Choke [All Broken]
IMPLANTS - Through The Window [From Chaos To Order]
THE FLATLINERS - Young Professionals [Dead Language]
МАРРАДЁРЫ - Машина Ненависти [Православный Джихад]
CYANIDE PILLS - Apathy [Still Bored]
TOYGUITAR - Words Between Us [EP]
DAN VAPID AND THE CHEATS - Panic In The Streets [Two]
MASKED INTRUDER - No Excuses [Red Scare Across America 7”]
KURT BAKER - Yeah? Yeah! [Girl’s Got Money]
JETTY BOYS - Save Me From Myself [Let ‘Er Rip!]
THE BENNIES - Mushroom Tea [Better Off Dread]
DISTEMPER - Мы Ножи Не Носим [Гордость, Вера, Любовь]
GIMP FIST - Guilty [Marching On And On]
BISHOPS GREEN - Tumbling Down [Bishops Green]
THE FIGHT UNITED - East Side Blues [Grim]
COMEBACK KID - Wake The Dead [Wake The Dead]

Track Listing:

Happy Birthday You're Not Special
NOFX · They've Actually Gotten Worse Live!
Wasted Life Part II.
Misconduct · Blood On Our Hands
Epic Problem · All Broken
Through The Window
Implants · From Chaos To Order
Young Professionals
The Flatliners · Dead Language
Cyanide Pills · Still Bored
Words Between Us
ToyGuitar · EP
Panic In The Streets
Dan Vapid and The Cheats · Two
No Excuses
Masked Intruder · Split 7'' w/ Sam Russo & Elway
Yeah? Yeah!
Kurt Baker · Girl's Got Money / Yeah? Yeah! 7''
Save Me From Myself
Jetty Boys · Let 'Er Rip!
Mushroom Tea
The Bennies · Better Off Dread
Gimp Fist · Marching On And On
Tumbling Down
Bishops Green · Bishops Green
East Side Blues
The Fight United · Grim
wake the dead
comeback kid · wake the dead