Rocket from Russia Episode April 11, 2013

Episode #27

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features a collection of new and fast punk rock with tracks by Night Birds, Paint It Black, Up For Nothing, Brutal Youth and Contra Code. In the second block I decided to play a few fresh ska tunes by Streetlight Manifesto (USA), Ska-P (Spain) and The Filaments (UK). And in the end, like always, a block of local music by the bands which played shows in Vancouver this weekend - The React!, No-See-Ums, Nervous Talk and The Courtneys.

BAD RELIGION - American Jesus [Recipe For Hate]
NIGHT BIRDS - Maimed for the Masses [Maimed for the Masses]
PAINT IT BLACK - Headfirst [Invisible EP]
UP FOR NOTHING - This Moment [In Trance]
BRUTAL YOUTH - Embitterment [Stay Honest]
CONTRA CODE - Slay Them All [Sickrad]
STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO - The Three of Us [The Three of Us]
SKA-P - Ciudadano Papagayo [99%]
THE FILAMENTS - Tomlinson’s Ghost [Land Of Lions]
THE REACT! - Sounds That I’ve Heard [Sounds That I’ve Heard / Only Living For You 7”]
NO-SEE-UMS - Brother XII [No-See-Ums]
NERVOUS TALK - Introductions [Upcoming MCR 7”]
THE COURTNEYS - 90210 [CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation, vol. 3]
THE CASUALTIES - System Failed Us… Again [Under Attack]