Rocket from Russia Episode March 7, 2013

Fundrive Special

10:00am - 11:00am

Happy Hello Hello Hello, my friends!

This was a FUNDRIVE special episode. What it is FUNDRIVE? It's an annual event when the station asks our listeners for support. We are non-profit radiostation and we don't bombard our listeners with commercials, so we don't have too much income coming in. This year, we’re aiming to raise $30,000 in pledges to support our quality programming and operations, and to purchase new broadcast boards for all three studios.

For me it's a great chance to say THANK YOU to the listeners of the show. I contacted some of my most active listeners and wanted to give back to them through playing their request. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to contact all of my listeners, because I know that there are people who are listening and I just don't have their contact info. So the whole episode is built from requests of the listeners of the show and little bit of The Real McKenzies in the end of the show :)

Thanks to everyone who has made donations to Rocket From Russia and the station!

THE BRASS ACTION - Kiss My Brass [Now THIS is Happening]
GOOD RIDDANCE - Shadows Of Defeat [Operation Phoenix]
SCREECHING WEASEL - I Will Always Be There [Bark Like A Dog]
THE CLASH - Cheat [The Clash]
UPTOWN RIOT - Drinking Song [Light Up The Jockstraps]
JUNIOR BATTLES - Basements [Junior Battles]
THE SCISSORS - A-List [Over Your Dead Body]
BAD RELIGION - Skyscraper (Acoustic) [New Maps of Hell (Deluxe Edition)]
Leningrad - Prosto [Ryba]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - The Message [Westwinds]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - Fool’s Road [Westwinds]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - I Do What I Want [Westwinds]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Don't Make Me Go [Home]

Track Listing:

Kiss My Brass
The Brass Action · Now THIS is Happening
shadows of defeat
good riddance · operation phoenix
I Will Always Be There
Screeching Weasel · Bark Like A Dog
The Clash · [The Clash
Drinking Song
Uptown Riot · Light Up The Jockstraps
Junior Battles · Junior Battles
The Scissors · Over Your Dead Body
Skyscraper (Acoustic)
Bad Religion · New Maps of Hell (Deluxe Edition)
Leningrad · Ryba
The Message
The Real McKenzies · Westwinds
Fool’s Road
The Real McKenzies · Westwinds
I Do What I Want
The Real McKenzies · Westwinds
Don't Make Me Go
Off With Their Heads · Home