Rocket from Russia Episode December 13, 2012

Rocket From Russia, Episode #11

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to the episode #11 of weekly punk rock radioshow Rocket From Russia on CiTR 101.9 fm in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

In the very first block I decided to focus on a great Canadian punk rock label called When’s Lunch Records from Edmonton, AB. I have a lot respect for the guys who run small record labels because they love what they do and they are passionate about music. Andy who runs When’s Lunch is one of those guys. I decided to play a song from each song signed to his label (Old Wives, The Blame-Its, The Split Up’s, Public Noise Concern, Still Automatic, Pulley).

Second block…..wooooooof! Second block is awesome! I had this idea to have a block of songs and each song is a punch in the face and I think I completed the mission pretty successfully! Mega songs by Golliwog (Slovenia), Smartbomb (USA), A Wilhelm Scream (USA), Part Time Killer (Finland), Up For Nothing (USA), Purkinje (Spain), СМЕХ (Russia).

And, as always, third block includes songs by the band which are performing in Vancouver soon. Invasives are playing on Friday, December 14th at Lana Lou’s and Kleins96 at Zoo Shop.

DILLINGER FOUR - Doublewhiskeycokenoice [Midwestern Songs of the Americas]
OLD WIVES - Sucks To Grow Up [Sucks To Grow Up EP]
THE BLAME-ITS - Beer and Antidepressants [Panic Plus Planet]
THE SPLIT UP’S - Action Man [E.P. 7”]
PUBLIC NOISE CONCERN - Out in the Open [Yesterdays Trash 7”]
STILL AUTOMATIC - Lost Homes [Hatred of Release]
PULLEY - Ghost Inside My Skin [Time-Insensitive Material]
GOLLIWOG - Mask Of Sanity [Plague Allegiance]
SMARTBOMB - Avoid The Lloyd [Diamond Heist]
A WILHELM SCREAM - I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz [Career Suicide]
PART TIME KILLER - Teenage Riot [People, Religion, Death]
UP FOR NOTHING - Cant Get Away [Twelve Stories Down]
PURKINJE - La Plaga [Bukkake Social]
CMEX - Delai Gromche! [Alcorider]
INVASIVES - Murder In The Afternoon [7”]
KLEINS96 - The Kids Don’t Care [Split 10” w / Born Wrong]
BIGWIG - Sellout [Stay Asleep]

Track Listing:

Dillinger Four · Midwestern Songs of the Americas
Sucks To Grow Up
Old Wives · Sucks To Grow Up
Beer and Antidepressants
The Blame-its · Panic Plus Planet
Action Man
The Split Up's · E.P.
Out in the Open
Public Nose Concern · Yesterdays Trash 7''
Lost Homes
Still Automatic · Hatred of Release
Ghost Inside My Skin
Pulley · Time-Insensitive Material
Mask Of Sanity
Golliwog · Plague Allegiance
Avoid The Lloyd
Smartbomb · Diamond Heist
I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz
A Wilhelm Scream · Career Suicide
Teenage Riot
Part Time Killer · People, Religion, Death
Cant Get Away
Up For Nothing · Twelve Stories Down
La plaga
Purkinje · Bukkake Social
Делай Громче
СМЕХ · Алкорайдер
Murder In The Afternoon
Invasives · Embracing Evil / Murder In The Afternoon 7''
The Kids Don't Care
Kleins96 · Split 10" w / Born Wrong
Bigwig · Stay Asleep