Rocket from Russia Episode November 15, 2012

Rocket From Russia, Episode #7

10:00am - 12:00pm

Hello Hello Hello…or…Ahoy to the listeners of this radioshow and podcast!

New episode has arrived and it includes a lot of new music. In the very first block I tried to combine bands from different scenes and even different countries under the roof of one genre (at least in my head). Its for you to judge if this plan has worked and this block sounded organic, but it includes fresh songs by The Riverboat Gamblers, The Hives, Heike Has The Giggles, Toys That Kill, Bobgoblin, NEEDLES//PINS, One Man Army. Then I played a bit of reggae music. I though that I haven’t played reggae music on the show in a while and second block includes songs by Botanic Project (from Belarus), Roughhouse (Jamaica/Germany) and legendary Jimmy Cliff.

And the final block includes songs by The New Rochelles, The Isotopes, Off With Their Heads. Last two bands are playing in Vancouver this Friday, November 16 and I’m super excited to see OWTH for the first time in my life. And I played a song by The New Rochelles because their member Noah “Rookie Rochelle” WK has been a victim of hurricane Sandy and is going through some rough time. The guys from The Isotopes started a very good initiative releasing t-shirts and supporting this nice guy! Check out Evan’s interview with The Punk Site where he explains the whole situation -

MCRACKINS - Tattoo [Comicbooks And Bubblegum]
THE RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS - Heart Conditions [The Wolf You Feed]
THE HIVES - 1000 Answers [Lex Hives]
HEIKE HAS THE GIGGLES - Dear Fear [Crowd Surfing]
TOYS THAT KILL - The Nervous Rocks [Fambly 42]
BOBGOBLIN - Feel No Pain [Love Lost For Blood Lust: Part I]
NEEDLES//PINS - Hale Bop [12:34]
ONE MAN ARMY - I Got Hung Up [She's An Alarm!]
BOTANIC PROJECT - Rastamany [Reanimacia]
ROUGHHOUSE - Not A Dream [Love Divine]
JIMMY CLIFF - Guns of Brixton [Rebirth]
THE NEW ROCHELLES - Quit Givin' Me The Stinkeye [It's New!]
THE ISOTOPES - Operation: Vamos [Blood Diamond]
PROPAGANDHI - Duplicate Keys Icaro (An Interim Report) [Failed States]

Track Listing:

McRackins · Comicbooks And Bubblegum
Heart Conditions
The Riverboat Gamblers · The Wolf You Feed
1000 Answers
The Hives · Lex Hives
Dear Fear
Heike Has The Giggles · Crowd Surfing
The Nervous Rocks
Toys That Kill · Fambly 42
Feel No Pain
Bobgoblin · Love Lost For Blood Lust: Part I
hale bop
needles//pins · 12:34
I Got Hung Up
One Man Army · She's An Alarm!
Botanic Project · Реанимация
Not A Dream
Rough House · Love Divine
guns of brixton
Jimmy Cliff · rebirth
Quit Givin' Me The Stinkeye
The New Rochelles · It's New!
Operation: Vamos
The Isotopes · Blood Diamond
Off With Their Heads · Hospitals
Duplicate keys Icaro (An Interim Report)
Propagandhi · Failed States