Rocket from Russia Episode October 4, 2012

Episode #1

10:00am - 12:00pm

Hello Hello Hello my friends!

Welcome to the new blog and welcome to the new show - ROCKET FROM RUSSIA! ! !

That was the very first episode of the new show in the new timeslot 10-11 am. The idea of the show stays the same. The focus will be on new punk rock for around the world and obviously lots of local music + interviews with bands. Pretty awesome!

In this very first episode I tried to show the full spectrum of my show. So I started with block of new pop punk tunes featuring songs by One Man Army, Fear of Lipstick, Toys That Kill, The Throwaways, Masked Intruder and Cobra Skulls. Then the block of international punk rock from Spain (The Locos), Russia (Distemper) and UK (Argy Bargy). Next block featured songs by legendary Vancouver bands - Pointed Sticks, The Evaporators and Tranzmitors. That was the first weekly block promoting upcoming THE FALL DOWN/GET DOWN! festival presented by LATIDA records. Starting this episode, every week I will be introducing listeners of CiTR to the bands playing that awesome festival.

Stay tuned for more episodes and more punk rock music on the show. And here are few links to get in touch with me:

RAMONES - Cretin Hop [Rocket To Russia]
ONE MAN ARMY - Any Minute [She's An Alarm!]
FEAR OF LIPSTICK - Something There [Seasons]
TOYS THAT KILL - I've Been Stabbed! [Fambly 42]
THE THROWAWAYS - Friday Date [The Throwaways EP]
MASKED INTRUDER - Heart Shaped Guitar [Masked Intruder]
COBRA SKULLS - Eagle Eyes [Eagle Eyes]
THE LOCOS - Partido Mierda [Tiempos DifĂ­ciles]
DISTEMPER - Uragan [Podumai Kto Tvoi Druz'ya]
ARGY BARGY - Looking For Glory [Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes]
POINTED STICKS - My Japanese Fan [My Japanese Fan 7'']
THE EVAPORATORS - Busy Doing Nothing [Busy Doing Nothing]
TRANZMITORS - Get Around [Dirtnap 7'']
TARAKANY! - Rakety iz Rossii [Rakety iz Rossii]

Track Listing:

cretin hop
ramones · rocket to russia
Any Minute
One Man Army · She's An Alarm!
Something There
Fear of Lipstick · Seasons
I've Been Stabbed!
Toys That Kill · Fambly 42
Friday Date
The Throwaways · The Throwaways EP
Heart Shaped Guitar
Masked Intruder · Masked Intruder
Eagle Eyes
Cobra Skulls · Eagle Eyes
Partido Mierda
The Locos · Tiempos DifĂ­ciles
Distemper · Подумай кто т&
Looking For Glory
Argy Bargy · Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes
my japanese fan
pointed sticks · my japanese fan
Busy Doing Nothing
The Evaporators · Busy Doing Nothing
Get around
Tranzmitors · Dirtnap 7''
Stolen Hearts
The Table of Contents · Stolen Hearts
Ракеты из Рос&
Тараканы! · Ракеты из Рос&