Rocket from Russia Episode September 20, 2012

Interview with KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit!)

1:02am - 1:57am

Hello Hello Hello!

In the first half of this episode I’ve played new songs by Agry Bargy (from UK), American Werewolves (USA), Crusades, Propagandhi (both from Canada), Never Been Famous (Austria). I forgot to mention on air that the band American Werewolves was recommended to me by the regular listener of the show - Dexter. Thanks man!

In the second part of the show, I’ve played my interview with KJ Jansen from Canadian pop punk band Chixdiggit!. We’ve discussed band’s latest release Safeways Here We Come, the best dollar store in the world and how Norwegians are European Canadians!

There will be an announcement next week about some changes that will occur to this show. Stay tuned!

DILLINGER FOUR - A Floater Left With Pleasure In The Executive Washroom [Situationist Comedy]
ARGY BARGY - No Fun At All [Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes]
AMERICAN WEREWOLVES - Kings Of The Cleveland Streets [Wanderers Forever]
CRUSADES - Rites Of Atonement [Parables]
PROPAGANDHI - Status Update [Failed States]
Interview with KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit!), part 01
CHIXDIGGIT! - Swedish Rat [Safeways Here We Come]
Interview with KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit!), part 02
CHIXDIGGIT! - Since You Got A Dog [Safeways Here We Come]
Interview with KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit!), part 03
CHIXDIGGIT! - Hot N Horny [Safeways Here We Come]
Interview with KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit!), part 04
CHIXDIGGIT! - Welcome to the Daiso [Pink Razors]
Interview with KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit!), part 05
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Done with Love [Freak Out!]
MASKED INTRUDER - 25 To Life [Masked Intruder]
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - We’ll Be OK [The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore]
OLD WIVES - Shut-Up [See You In Hell]
SILVER SUN - Dumb [Silver Sun]