Rocket from Russia Episode September 13, 2012

Back on air live...finally!

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Hello Hello Hello!

Yeah, that was my first time on air live in a month and yes, it’s been way too long. Thanks for all the tweets and messages. The reason for my absence was my trip to motherland Russia. I’ve spent there almost three weeks and I was so happy to visit my hometown Novosibirsk first time in 5 years. That was super fantastic time! I had a chance to spend time with my family, my Dad, my old friends and people I grew up with. I also played a show with my friends, band called PMA from Novosibirsk. You can watch our set here. And we also shot a silly video for a song we wrote together. The video can be watched below.

New episode! Loads of new music. Opening block with some Siberian punk rock. Then a block including new songs by NOFX, Propagandhi, Brixton Robbers, Dead Rejects, Morning Glory. Next, of course, a pop punk block featuring tacks by Masked Intruder, Accelerators, Occult Detective Club, Goin’ Places. And in the end, as usual, songs by the bands which are performing in Vancouver this weekend (Chixdiggit!, Old Wives, The Isotopes, Big John Bates).

There are some changes coming with the show including change of the timespot and even change of the name of the show. But it shouldn't affect people who are usually listen to podcasts. More details soon!

P.S. And special shout out to my friend and listener of the show Trevor. Happy birthday my friend!!!

BAD RELIGION - Supersonic [The Process Of Belief]
PMA & TIMA TZAR - Nekino
BRATIYA PILOTY - 37,5 [Na Vzlet!]
NOFX - Cell Out [Self Entitled]
PROPAGANDHI - Failed States [Failed States]
BRIXTON ROBBERS - June 22nd [Carved Livers]
DEAD REJECTS - You Make Me Sick [Sleeping Is For Suckers]
MORNING GLORY - Patiently [Poets Were My Heroes]
MASKED INTRUDER - Stick ‘em Up [Masked Intruder]
ACCELERATORS - Statues [Fuel For The Fire]
OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB - Our Bitter End [Crimes]
GOIN’ PLACES - Relationship Sneakers [Relationship Sneakers]
CHIXDIGGIT! - I Remember You [Pink Razors]
OLD WIVES - I Don’t Wanna Be Lazy [See You In Hell]
THE ISOTOPES - Operation: Vamos [Blood Diamond]
BIG JOHN BATES - Engine Room [Battered Bones]
THE WEIRDOS - Solitary Confinement [Weird World, Vol. 1]

Track Listing:

bad religion · the process of belief
PMA и Тима Царь · Некино
PMA · "The" K
Братья Пилот&# · На Взлёт!
Cell Out
NOFX · Self Entitled
Failed States
Propagandhi · Failed States
June 22nd
Brixton Robbers · Carved Livers
You Make Me Sick
Dead Rejects · Sleeping Is For Suckers
Morning Glory · Poets Were My Heroes
Stick 'em Up
Masked Intruder · Masked Intruder
Accelerators · Fuel For The Fire
Our Bitter End
Occult Detective Club · Crimes
Relationship Sneakers
Goin' Places · Relationship Sneakers
I Remember You
Chixdiggit! · Pink Razors
I Don't Wanna Be Lazy
Old Wives · See You In Hell
Operation: Vamos
The Isotopes · Blood Diamond
Engine Room
Big John Bates · Battered Bones
Solitary Confinement
The Weirdos · Weird World, Vol. 1