Rocket from Russia Episode August 30, 2012

Fat Wreck Chords Timeline (2004-2012)

1:00am - 2:20am

ONLY CRIME - Sedated [To The Nines]
SMOKE OR FIRE - California’s Burning [Above The City]
CHIXDIGGIT! - I Remember You [Pink Razors]
THE SOVIETTES - Multiply And Divide [LP 3]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - 10,000 Shots [10,000 Shots]
RANDY - Razorblade [Randy The Band]
THE LOVED ONES - Jane [Keep Your Heart]
THE SAINTE CATHERINES - I’d Rather Be Part Of The Dying Bungee Scene [Dancings For Decadence]
LOVE EQUALS DEATH - When We Fall [Nightmerica]
DEAD TO ME - By The Throat [Cuban Ballerina]
STRIKE ANYWHERE - Instinct [Dead FM]
LEFTOVER CRACK - Baby-Punchers [Deadline]
CITIZEN FISH - Meltdown [Deadline]
BAD ASTRONAUT - Go Humans [Twelve Small Steps One]
THE FLATLINERS - Eulogy [The Great Awake]
AMERICAN STEEL - Mean Streak [Destroy The Future]
STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS - Until We’re Dead [Until Were Dead]
BULLET TREATMENT - Cold War 3 (feat. Chris #2 from Anti-Flag) [Designated, Vol.1]
POUR HABIT - Against Me [Suiticide]
PAINT IT BLACK - Cipher [Surrender]
BANNER PILOT - Greenwood [Collapser]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Bigger Than Kiss [They Came From The Shadows]
OLD MAN MARKLEY - For Better for Worse [For Better for Worse]
THE SPITS - Wait [Split 7” with NOFX]
COBRA SKULLS - Ice In The Night [Bringing The War Home]
ELLWOOD - Mag Girl [Lost in Transition]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Spare Time [Tour Split 7”]
RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS - A Repatition Of Mistakes [Tour Split 7”]
USELESS ID - Before It Kills [Symptoms]
MORNING GLORY - Patiently [Poets Were My Heroes]