Rocket from Russia Episode August 23, 2012

Fat Wreck Chords Timeline (1996-2004)

1:03am - 2:12am

SCREECHING WEASEL - Cool Kids [Bark Like A Dog]
SCREW 32 - Painless [Under The Influence Of Bad People]
CONSUMED - Heavy Metal Winner [Breakfast At Pappa’s]
MAD CADDIES - Road Rash [Duck And Cover]
THE DICKIES - My Pop The Cop [My Pop The Cop]
THE ATARIS - My Hotel Year [Look Forward To Failure]
SICK OF IT ALL - Potential For A Fall [Potential For A Fall]
AVAIL - Union [100 Times]
LESS THAN JAKE - Look What Happened [Borders & Boundaries]
ZERO DOWN - Bite The Hand That [With A Lifetime To Pay]
ANTI-FLAG - Underground Network [Underground Network]
RISE AGAINST - Everchanging [The Unraveling]
MXPX - Lonesome Town [The Renaissance EP]
THE LAWRENCE ARMS - Porno And Snuff Films [Apathy And Exhaustion]
DILLINGER FOUR - D4 = Putting The “F” Back In “Art” [Situationist Comedy]
NONE MORE BLACK - Everyday Balloons [File Under Black]
AGAINST ME! - Cliché Guevara [As The Eternal Cowboy]
WESTERN ADDICTION - Charged Words [Remember To Dismember]
SUBHUMANS - Mickey Mouse Is Dead [Live in a Dive]
DESCNDENTS - ‘Merican [‘Merican]
THE EPOXIES - Need More Time [The Epoxies]
JOEY CAPE - Violins [Acoustic]
TONY SLY - On The Outside [Acoustic]