Rocket from Russia Episode August 16, 2012

Fat Wreck Chords Timeline (1992-1996)

1:05am - 2:15am

NOFX - The Longest Line [The Longest Line]
LAGWAGON - Angry Days [Duh]
PROPAGANDHI - Anti-Manifesto [How To Clean Everything]
NO USE FOR A NAME - Feeding the Fire [Daily Grind]
RANCID - Radio [Radio Radio Radio 7”]
88 FINGERS LOUIE - Go Away [Go Away!]
FACE TO FACE - Disconnected [Disconnected]
STRUNG OUT - Population Control [Another Day In Paradise]
BRACKET - 2Rak005 [Stinky Fingers 7”]
GUNS ‘N’ WANKERS - Skin Deep [For Dancing And Listening]
GOOD RIDDANCE - United Cigar [For God And Country]
TILT - Libel [‘Til It Kills]
WIZO - Raum Der Zeit [UUAARRGH!]
HORACE PINKER - Song About Selling Out [Song About Selling Out]
FRENZAL RHOMB - Dugadugabowbow [4 Litres EP]
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Country Roads [Denver 7”]
SNUFF - Nick Northern [Demmamussabebonk]
HI-STANDART - Wait For The Sun [Growing Up]
GOOBER PATROL - Easy Life [Vacation]
DIESEL BOY - Titty Twister [Strap On Seven Inch]
NEW BOMB TURKS - Job [Stick It Out]
SWINGIN’ UTTERS - Keep Running [A Juvenile Product Of The Working Class]