Rocket from Russia Episode August 9, 2012

Interviews with Night Birds and The Atom Age

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Hello Hello Hello my friends!

That was a very fun episode! Two great interviews! First one was scheduled to be with Joe Keller, bassist of an awesome band called Night Birds, but during the interview the whole band joined Joe and it turned to be super fun and entertaining interview featuring all four members of Night Birds! The second interview was with Ryan from The Atom Age. We've talked about their new album, visit to Sun Record, Hollywood produced video and passion for history.

Tomorrow I'm leaving to my motherland Russia, to my home town Novosibirsk! Super stoked to see my family and my friends! Should be a lot of dun! And I will be playing a show with my buddies PMA. Pretty stoked to perform again! So in the end of this episode I've decided to play all the bands we will be playing with. Four of those bands are from Novosibirsk (PMA, Братья Пилоты, TrueFish!, We Lost Our Aim) and two of them are from Barnaul (Наобум, Dead Drunk)!

I pre-recorded 3 next episodes and I have something special for you. Even I'll be far far away, but the show still will be on-air!

Have a great rest of the summer and I'll see you in September!

NONE MORE BLACK - Dinner's for Suckers [File Under Black]
NIGHT BIRDS - Killer Waves [Fresh Kills Vol. 1]
NIGHT BIRDS - Prognosis: Negative [Fresh Kills Vol. 1]
Interview with Night Birds
THE ATOM AGE - I Hypnotize [The Hottest Thing That's Cool]
THE ATOM AGE - Nothing Ever Changes [The Hottest Thing That's Cool]
Interview with Ryan (The Atom Age)
PMA - Down ["The" K]
НАОБУМ - Проблема [Наобум]
БРАТЬЯ ПИЛОТЫ - Выходной [На Взлёт!]
TRUEFISH! - About Them [Season 01. Episode 01.]
WE LOST OUR AIM - That Day Showed Up, The Cliff's Touching My Heels [Let The Towers Fall Down]
DESCENDENTS - I'm the One [Everything Sucks]

Track Listing:

dinner's for suckers
none more black · file under black
Killer Waves
Night Birds · Fresh Kills Vol. 1
Prognosis: Negative
Night Birds · Fresh Kills Vol. 1
Night Birds
Interview · with
I Hypnotize
The Atom Age · The Hottest Thing That's Cool
Nothing Ever Changes
The Atom Age · The Hottest Thing That's Cool
The Atom Age
Interview · with
PMA · "The" K
Наобум · Наобум
Без Тебя
Dead Drunk · Demo
Братья Пилот&# · На Взлёт!
About Them
TrueFish! · Season 01. Episode 01.
That Day Showed Up, The Cliff's Touching My Heels
We Lost Our Aim · Let The Towers Fall Down
I'm the One
Descendents · Everything Sucks