Rocket from Russia Episode August 12, 2010

We All Fall Down - Broadcast on 12-August-2010

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Bands from Italy, Germany, Austria

Track Listing:

Same Old Story
Pennywise · About Time
My Queen
Nasty Cats · Friday 17th
Branca Day
Derozer · Alla Nostra Eta
Action Reaction
The Offenders · Action Reaction
Local Pub
Scrapy · Saturday Night
Let's See What Happens
Tackelberry · Reinventing Appetite For Destruction
Alles aus Liebe
Die Toten Hosen · Kauf MICH!
Step Over The Wall
Rentokill · Antichorus
I Can Smell My Freedom
Antimaniax · I'm Without Sleep...In This Desert of Concrete
The Tinest Bit Of Truth
Red Lights Flash · For Your Safety
I See You Around
DeeCracks · Attention! Deficit Disorder
Minute Of Ash
Humanifesto · The Infamous
I Believe
Fifty Stars Anger · Mind Grenades For The Revolution
The Rhombus Is A Square
Trigger Effect · Versitis Maximus
Count Your Bruises
The Flatliners · Cavalcade