Rocket from Russia Episode April 3, 2008

I cast Magic Missile - Broadcast on 03-Apr-2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Why didn't anyone tell me that D&D wasn't actually cool? WHY!?!?!

Track Listing:

hail destroyer
cancer bats · hail destroyer
under the boughs
the sword · gods of the earth
manlove it to death
spread eagle · magnus bestia
ever lovin man
the dirtbombs · we have you surrounded
The Inquirer
The Loved Ones · Build And Burn
Alma blackWell
The Tranzmitors · S/T
fire in the dancehall
voodoo glow skulls · southern california street music
this is hell · split
do you like soup kids
impeders of doom
crystal compass
fake shark real zombie · zebra zeebra
too much in love
king khan and bbq show · whats for dinner
fall is just something grownups invented
hives · the black and white album
dethklok · the dethalbum