Rocket from Russia Episode December 13, 2007

Broadcast on 13-Dec-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

it's snowing today! i realy really love the winter season. but i really love a lot of things, like Batman. i'm wearing a batman bandaid on my finger right now. i was combing my hair this morning and my comb broke in half and cut my finger. there was blood all over the counter. it was a deep cut; it kind of sucks. especially when the middle and ring finger on the same hand are cut as well. the middle finger got sliced open at work, when i stuck my hand into bin full of socks. apparantly, there was something sharp in this sock bin. the ring finger got cut when i was carrying a cardboard standup display of harry potter home. that cardboard was sharp. i still love harry potter though.

Track Listing:

patent pending
heavens · patent pending
santas got a mullet
nerfherder · a santa cause
chapter 2 blackout
darkest of the hillside thickets · shadow out of tim
living with lions · dude manor
alkaline trio · goddammit
Rebel Spell · Days of Rage
Kiss Kiss
Yeah Yeah Yeahs · Is Is
all i know
riff randells · doublecross
return the favour
the hives · black and white album
el vice
trigger effect · dare to ride the heliocraft
we three kings
amped · a taste of christmas
pneumonia hawk
cancer bats · birthing the giant
sasquatch and me ate berries for free
the evaporators · gassy jack and othertales