Rocket from Russia Episode October 18, 2007

Broadcast on 18-Oct-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

whoops. totally forgot to put this podcast up sooner. sorry! still working on the shirts and cds that i promised to give to the ppl that donated. hold tight! i played the Game of Life: the Pirates of the Caribbean version the other day. it was pretty awesome.

Track Listing:

the hydras teeth
3 inches of blood · fire up the blades
i saw a ghost
black lips · good bad not evil
i love you so muchit's killing us both
jawbreaker · dear you
shadows of defeat
good riddance · operation phoenix
scooter queen
jeffie genetic and his clones · need a wave
Police Story
Black Flag · Damaged
living with lions · dude manor
Addicted to cheese
The Evaporators · Ripple rock
Wednesday Night Heroes · Guilty Pleasures
riff randells · doublecross
dark skies above
bison · earthbound
khandrads wall
high on fire · death is this communication
the donnas · bitchin