Rocket from Russia Episode August 16, 2007

What dropped-D band are you listening to now?

1:00pm - 3:00pm

You know that Chocolate Rain song? I had it in my head yesterday; it really sucked. My night yesterday kinda sucked too. I met a really nice guy from California, though, and it made me feel a lot better. Meeting him and seeing Pelican were the best parts of my night, so I guess I didn't have such a bad time after all. On another note, I would not recommend getting pierced at PunctureHaus. I won a "free" piercing but ended up paying $50 for the jewelry anyways. It was probably also the worst piercing of my life. I'm usually okay with needles invading my skin and flesh; I find it relaxing and even cathartic. But I got my septum pierced there, and let's just say that there was a lot of blood, crying, and pain. It wasn't done right, and I had my real piercer take it out so that she can re-do it in the future. NO FUN. JESUS IS FROWNING.

Track Listing:

City Of Echoes
Pelican · City Of Echoes
ghost host · these are ghost house
boys from nowhere
turbonegro · retox
do i really want to know
tranzmitors · s/t
broken things
attack in black · marriage
stupid kid
alkaline trio · from here to infirmary
zombie walk
the brains · hell n back
kiss kiss
yeah yeah yeah · is is
houston we have a problem
the queers · munki brain
break away
the unseen · internal salvation