Rocket from Russia Episode June 21, 2007

Broadcast on 21-Jun-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

I had the worst dream ever last night. Or maybe it was this morning. I've only ever had 2 rape dreams. I had the first one when I was going out with my last boyfriend: I dreamed that his friend raped me, and I have been afraid of his friend ever since. And yesterday, I dreamed that my last boyfriend raped my sister. What a terrible night!

Track Listing:

iron swan
the sword · age of winters
Through The Fire And Flames
Dragonforce · Inhuman Rampage
the goatriders horde
3 inches of blood · fire up the blades
ghosts of memory
tiger army · music from the regions beyond
the vandals · hollywood potatoe chip
hot water music · alkaline trio/hot water music split ep
10 in 2010
bad religion · the grey race
black rebel motorcylce club · baby 81
Wednesday Night Heroes · Guilty Pleasures
abracadabra holmes
daggermouth · turf wars
me first and the gimme gimmes · love their country