Rocket from Russia Episode June 7, 2007

Let's make this last forever.

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Whilst on one of my many perilous adventures through the expansive world of the internuts, I came across a curiously entertaining video; a music video to be specific. After much consideration, it turns out that I may like a really shitty band; one to add to the already lengthy list. I don't want to mention their specific name, but let's just say that, like a majestic phoenix, this band rose from the burning ashes and embers of what was once Blink 182. Mmmmhmmm........

Track Listing:

russian roulette
the spunks · yellow fever blues
houston we have a problem
the queers · munki brain
on the road again
me first and the gimme gimmes · love their country
motor city stole my baby
the hits · hello everybody we are
hang on
stars and stripes · one man army
wednesday night heroes · guilty pleasures
abracadabra holmes
ddaggermouth · turf wars
Other Entertainers
Armalite · s/t
fall down go boom
dash rip rock · hee haw hell
tiger army · music from the regions beyond
make it last
bella bombs · liquid explosion
slow death
legend killers · were woking on it
hidden world
fucked up · hidden world
i hate my band
real mckenzies · 10000 shots