Rocket from Russia Episode May 3, 2007

Broadcast on 03-May-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

i love thursdays. i can't even explain why, but i always look forward to them. i think that hosting my radio show every thursday has something to do with it. i've been feeling really shitty for the past little bit, but it's nice to have a day to look forward to every week, no matter what i have planned. it's like my one day weekend. since weekends have practically not existed for me since i've worked every weekend for the past 5 years, it's nice to have thursday as my day off. and now thursday is even D&D night. it's like the eye of the storm. a space of relative calm in the midst of a maelstrom. we've all contemplated suicide, and if i had a choice, i'd make sure that i wouldn't end my life on a thursday. the best day of my week. how masochistically hopeful.

Track Listing:

candy cane
loved ones · s/t
speak to our empty pockets
strike anywhere · dead fm
the ballad of johnny x
bouncing souls · maniacal laughter
the gold song
bouncing souls · the gold record
this is chase bennerman
daggermouth · turf wars
something in my heart
the queers · munki brain
the sons of cain
ted leo and the pharmacists · living with the living
x street
the million dollar marxists · zero culture
burnt by the sun
...burning down · ...alibis under darkened skies
end transmission
mercy killers · enemy rose
like i give a care
you say party · lose all time
weapon of choice
black rebel motorcycle club · baby 81
hostage life and fucking alive and well
hostage life · walking papers
do you know that
clorox girls · jaime les filles