Rocket from Russia Episode February 1, 2007

Broadcast on 01-Feb-2007

1:00pm - 2:30pm

I did too much rambling and screwing up today. Me so sorry. I don't have much to say now because, one, I'm embarrassed, and two, I have to go play Warcraft. I mean, study.

Track Listing:

foam improvements
fun 100 · goodbye
everything you love will soon fly away
zao · the fear is what keeps us here
milkshake murder
the badamps · two face
the riptides · hang out
while youre waiting
alkaline trio · remains
wait for the blackout
alkaline trio · remains
master and servant
depeche mode · the best of
comeback kid · broadcasting
manqueller man
fucked up · hidden world
zero culture
Million Dollar marxists · zero culture
chew chew chew
nosebleeder · blow me
huge gold ak 47
blood brothers · young machetes