Rocket from Russia Episode November 2, 2006

Broadcast on 02-Nov-2006

1:00pm - 2:00pm

after typing up the playlist for today, i realized that i played a lot of albums with REAAAAALLLLLY long titles. ergo, my digits are a hurtin. kind of. like last week, im kinda hungry at this time. you know what would be awesome? if you came over to UBC and got some food for me. bring it, buy it, i will eat it. yeah, im pretty rad, so why not? i gave away tickets for a show this week. as long as people keep phoning in, i will keep giving shit away, much like a person contemplating, not funny.

stay tuned for CiTR's first ever fund drive! C'mon, I know you punk rockers aren't the wealthiest of folk, but I wanna be the kid in the class who brings in the most money and wins the pizza party!

Track Listing:

shitty future
the bronx · s/t II
whats on your radio
the living end · state of emergency
bloody eye socket
the jolts · jinx
better things
the bouncing souls · the gold record
im so lonesome i could cry
me first and the gimme gimmes · love their country
two face
the badamps · two face 7"
doa · bloodied but unbowed
i will be a skid dad
ba johnston · call me when old and fat is the new young and sexy
Destroy The USA
The Briefs · Sex Objects
americans abroad
against me · live in london
converge · no heroes
gates of hell
season of nightmares · monster mash into the fifth dimention
Raised Fist · Sound of the Republic
golden tanks
the cancer bats · birthing the giant
viens avec moi
les breastfeeders · les matins de grands soirs