Relentlessly Awesome Episode April 25, 2013

Relentlessly Awesome - Broadcast on April 25, 2013

11:00am - 12:00pm

One of my favourite bands performs in Vancouver! Purity Ring and Blue Hawaii perform at the Vogue Theatre.

Today's episode includes: Van she, is tropical, mr. little jeans, sweatshop union, purity ring, blue hawaii, crystal castles, ms mr, kaiser chiefs, TV on the radio and many more.

Track Listing:

freezing rain
le pigeon · friends in bellwoods 2
Wild Jack
Tia Brazda · Cabin Fever EP
Jenny And Steve
Blue Skies For Black Hearts · PDX Pop Now! 2009
Tesla Told Me
Crown Land · Crown Land
Desired Constellation
Björk · Medúlla
The Jimi Hendrix Theory
Evil Doers · Who's Evil
Take Your Pants Off, Johnny
Ninety Pounds Of Ugly · Richmond Motel Room #3
The Kiss
Marissa Nadler/Black Hole Infinity · Crayon Angel: A Tribute to the Music of Judee Sill
Trembling Blue Stars · Crayon Angel: A Tribute to the Music of Judee Sill
Coming Home
David Myles · Together And Alone
You Don't Exist if I Don't See You
Reverie Sound Revue · Reverie Sound Revue
The Arpchipelago of Doubt
Cam Malcolm and the Owls · Everybody Dance Now 4
Christina Courtin · Christina Courtin
New Brunswick And Mary
Stompin Tom Connors · A Proud Canadian
Count Chocula
Ultimate Power Duo · New Normal
Believe Me
Forest City Lovers · Carriage
Desired Constellation
Björk · Medúlla
Exit New Year
Julian Fane · Special Forces
way too much
chromeo · she's in control
The Donor
Final Fantasy · Crayon Angel: A Tribute to the Music of Judee Sill
Girl and the Machine · Hello Earth
Human Activity
Brad Shepik · Human Activity Suite
Old Slewfoot
John Guliak & The Lougan Brothers · The Black Monk
Peaches · I Feel Cream
The Biggest Dig
Huron · Everybody Dance Now 4
Thinkin Of You
Hunter · Half Way There
Yukon Girl
Dale Morningstar · I Grew Up On Sodom Road
Jade2k · Second Spring
All touch/No contact
Carole Pope · Transcend
Blue Heart of Texas
David Francey · Late Edition
robson street punchline
edmonton block heater · get it all out
Walk On
Hidden Cameras, The · Origin:Orphan
Jade2k · Second Spring
Rainy Weather
Bontempi · What Keeps us Awake
Dan Mangan · Roboteering
Sentimental Tune
Tegan and Sara · Sainthood
Young Galaxy · Invisible Republic
Ojibway Diner
Ox · Burnout
Beautifully Undone
Lindy · Suspension Of Disbelief
Saskatoon Tonight
Let's Just Stay Here · NQ Arbuckle And Carolyn Mark
In for the Kill
La Roux · La Roux
A Month of Sundays
Junior Pantherz · Death By Life
why she swallows bullets and stones
esmerine · aurora
Lonely Too
Jade2k · Second Spring
Brittle, Crushed & Torn
Marissa Nadler · Little Hells
A Contract Ain't A Contract Anymore
Bank-B-Gone Compilation · Citizens Rule
Welcome To The Daiso
Chixdiggit · Pink Razors [Bonus Tracks]
pine tarts · faux fauves
One Little City
Po' Girl · Deer in the Night
Water's Edge Part II
Andy Milne, Benoit Delbecq · Where is Pannonica?
bells on
sloan · twice removed
7 Noble Gases
Duplex! · Worser
Milk and Honey
Wye Oak · The Knot
The Old Atlantic Shore
Stompin Tom Connors · A Proud Canadian
Church Window (I Threw a Bottle)
Rain and the Sidewalk, The · A Little Weakness
A Neck on the Desert
Picastro · Become Secret