Relentlessly Awesome Episode February 7, 2013

Relentlessly Awesome - Broadcast on February 7, 2013

11:00am - 12:00pm

How's it going, everyone?

Check out tunes from the soft moon, the chemical brothers, kavinsky, kate boy, crystal castles, amateur, islet, parallels, death grips, grimes, crystal castles, hooves, service lab and many more!

Track Listing:

the soft moon · zeros
the chemical brothers · further
kavinsky · outrun
northern lights
kate boy · northern lights
Crystal Castles · Crystal Castles III
virgo intacto
amateur · virgo intacto
this fortune
islet · illumnated people
moonlight desires
parallels · XII
death grips · Exmilitary
symphonia iv
grimes · visions
sad eyes
crystal castles · crystal castles III
holy war
hooves · holy war (demo)