Relentlessly Awesome Episode October 18, 2012

Relentlessly Awesome - Broadcast on October 18, 2012

11:00am - 12:00pm

how's it going, everyone? today's show features several tracks from artists featured on citr's recent chart's list. today's episode is nearly error free. i'm a bit of a downer today because i didn't get much sleep last night. enjoy music from the following artists: the new division, keep shelly in anthens, pvt, reptile youth, ryan hemsworth, alpines, calamalka, lana del rey, needles//pins, man your horse, jessie ware, william fitzsimmons, rainy milo, jay arner, and the japandroids. ellie goulding misses the cut. i'm hesistant towards playing her music. she's quite popular/not quite alternative, but she was featured in one of nardwuar's interviews...and nardwuar is relentlessly awesome. oh well, maybe next time

Track Listing:

night escape
the new division
black swan born white
reptile youth
three hours in
ryan hemsworth
where u going
this is what makes us girls
lana del rey
kalifornia korner
inside out and backwards
man your horse
night light
jessie ware
rabies jump
so this is goodbye
william fitzsimmons
this thing of ours
rainy milo
emotional wipeout
jay arner
breakfast for dinner
man your horse
The Nights of Wine and Roses