Relentlessly Awesome Episode June 21, 2012

Relentlessly Awesome - Broadcast on June 21, 2012

11:00am - 12:00pm

How's it going, everyone? I'm back! I visited Kingston Ontario for a National Campus Radio Conference last week. What a thrill! Learned a lot...actually, I probably learned more than most participants. I made a lot of friends! I exchanged a lot of opinions...Trust me. All in all, I'd attend it again. Anyways, I've got some excellent tracks ready for you. I'll start the hour with 5 tracks from Kingston's Sleuth Bears. One of the members was kind of enough to let me stay at her house. I promised her that I'd play them on my show. Go Sleuth Bears! Today, I'll play tracks from Health, Cobra & Vulture, Sleigh Bells, Purity Ring, Niki & the Dove, Adult Swim & Kia Motors America, Onuinu, Blood Diamonds, Grimes, Metric, Japandroids and many more

Track Listing:

Sleuth Bears
First Place Runner
Sleuth Bears
This Familiar
Sleuth Bears
Every1 Gone
Sleuth Bears
Sleuth Bears
Early Adopter
Cobra & Vulture
Run the Heart
Sleigh Bells
Purity Ring
DJ, Ease My Mind
Niki & The Dove
I'll Come Back 4 You
Adult Swim & Kia Motors America
Happy Home
Phone Sex
Blood Diamonds, Grimes
Speed the Collapse
The Nights of Wine and Roses
Big Blue Wave
Hey Ocean!