Records Management Episode October 23, 2018

When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

10:03am - 10:59am

Nathalie is out of town, so Adrian takes the opportunity to curate some rock songs for this week.

Track Listing:

Something's Wrong
Sloan · Never Hear the End of It
Sweep Me Off My Feet
Pond · The Weather
Iron Age
Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve · The Soft Bounce
Jetlag Jenny
Feather in Your Cap
Beck · Odelay [Deluxe Edition]
The Ballad of the Tired Old Man
Cuff the Duke · Sidelines of the City
Bring Me a Beer
Steph Wall · Never Gonna Get Over This
Spiderbait · Flight of Wally Funk
Lions for Scottie
Hey Rosetta! · Plan Your Escape
People of the Sky
Sloan · Twice Removed
The Golden Dogs · Big Eye Little Eye