Records Management Episode October 16, 2018

Nathalie's Travels

10:02am - 11:02am

Nat is going out of town soon. We have curated a playlist of songs by bands that hail from all of the cities that she is going to visit.

Track Listing:

The Banks of the Leopold Canal
The Deep Dark Woods · The Place I Left Behind
The Lonely Cricket
Jen Lane · For the Night
Show Some Emotion
The Cooper Brothers · [n/a]
Little Bird
Shannon Rose and the Thorns · [n/a]
Abigail Lapell · Great Survivor
If I Get Old
Elliott Brood · Days into Years
Peu importe
Paul Cournoyer · [ep]
Fallen Again
Rotary Park · Be
Early in the Morning
Peter, Paul and Mary · Peter, Paul and Mary
Sunny Side of the Street
The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn · The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn
Cheminant à la ville
Kate and Anna McGarrigle · Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse
I Pity the Country
Willie Dunn · Metallic