Records Management Episode October 9, 2018

Turkey Coma

10:04am - 11:00am

It was Thanksgiving yesterday. Chill tunes to get you through the turkey coma.

Track Listing:

Les desesperes
Jack Asselin · Gazoline
Le Bon Dieu S'tient Tranquille
Ben Claveau · Ben Claveau
Bring the Car Around
Applewood Road · Applewood Road
Casualties of Cool · Casualties of Cool
Any Place
The Bahamas · Earthtones
Nikki Fierce · Man Made Woman
Blank and White
The Dreadnoughts · Foreign Skies
I've Got a Hole Where My Heart Should Be
The Sheepdogs · Changing Colours
Lake Louise
The Long War · Landscapes
Bed of Daisies
Kayla Luky · Back to Dirt
The Mid North · You Were Right About The Stars
When the Time is Right
Joe Martin · Small World