Recoding Relations Episode February 19, 2019

Episode 3 - Decolonial Digital

9:00am - 10:00am

In Episode 3 we discuss how people studying and working in Indigenous studies and DH understand and define digital technology and we talk about some of the politics involved in working in these fields. You hear presentations from Ashley Caranto Morford and Jeffrey Ansloos, two scholars who challenge normative ways of understanding the digital and who push us to think more critically about DH in relation to decolonization and Indigenous sovereignty. We discuss how the digital humanities often fail to recognize or make space for the lived experiences of Indigenous peoples, as well as Black, people of colour, queer and gender non-binary folks, and we talk about the need to decolonize DH theory and practice. (Written and produced by Melissa Haberl in collaboration with Autumn Schnell).