Randophonic Episode March 18, 2023

47. How to be Confused

11:08pm - 1:59am

The countdown continues. The 1499 records we all need to hear before the eschaton immenatizes.

Track Listing:

Randophonic · x
voila voila
Rachid Taha · tekitoi
fade to grey
Visage · visage
Randophonic · x
wave of mutilation
Pixies · doolittle
there is a mountain
Donovan · x
king midas in reverse
Hollies · x
just like nothing on earth
Stranglers · the gospel according to the meninblack
Randophonic · x
mixed up confusion
Bob Dylan · x
ja ja ja
trio · da da da
I think I smell a rat
White Stripes · x
dominance + submission
Blue Oyster Cult · secret treaties
Randophonic · x
tonight we ride
Tom Russell · Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs
Songs Ohia · the lioness
Al Stewart · past present and future
Randophonic · x
experiment in terror
Henry Mancini · x
bible and a gun
jason ringenberg + Steve Earle · all over creation
gotta serve somebody
Mavis Staples · all blues'd up
Randophonic · x
Rose of Cimmaron
Poco · x
for Richard
Caravan · if I could do it again
whipping post
Allman Brothers · Live at the Fillmore
mountain jam
Allman Brothers · eat a peach
Randophonic · x
forgery fragments
LSD49 · x