Randophonic Episode February 26, 2022

#27. How to be Confused

11:05pm - 1:48am

The non-chronological countdown continues: the 1499 records we all need to hear before the eschaton immenatizes. Whatever that means. It means how to be confused.

Track Listing:

Randophonic · x
we don't need this fascist groove thing
Heaven 17 · x
smash it up
International Noise Conspiracy · x
it's a beautiful world
Devo · new traditionalists
Randophonic · x
put down that weapon
midnight oil · diesel and dust
Amon Duul II · phallus dei
gimme the power
Molotov · x
the union forever
White Stripes · white blood cells
Randophonic · x
seven seas of Rhye
Queen · Queen II
I.T. splash
Yello · x
Poke 'er ole
Add N to X · add insult to injury
Buckaroo Bonzai - end theme
Michael Boddicker · x
Randophonic · x
put a little love in your heart
Marcia Griffiths · x
tell her no
Zombie · x
think for yourself
Beatles · Rubber soul
groovy times
Clash · x
Randophonic · x
I am a rock
Buck Owens · x
E.E. Lawson
Ozark Mountain Daredevils · it'll shine when it shines
you gotta move
Rolling Stones · sticky fingers
Simple Minds · real to real cacophony
terra incognita
Synergy · cords
Randophonic · x
angles of ashes
Scott Walker · Scott 4
I am the man
Czars · goodbye
crystal anis
Liminanas · x
Randophonic · x
wedding song
Bob Dylan · planet waves
a sailor's life
Fairport Convention · unhalfbricking
Critical Point + Vikter Duplaix · x
Randophonic · x
Randophonic · x
symphonies of Beethoven
Add N to X · x
we came in peace
Nik Turner · x
harbour excursions
LSD49 · x