Randophonic Episode February 19, 2022

#26. How To Be Confused

11:18pm - 2:07am

a return to the non-chronological countdown of the 1499 records we all need to hear before the eschaton immenatizes, because we all need to get way better at being confused.

Track Listing:

Randophonic · x
la la la
Tranquility Bass · x
the revolution is streaming
Saxon Shore · the exquisite death of Saxon Shore
wino junko
Wings · London Town
break 1
Randophonic · x
cocaine - remix
Dillinger · x
Flaming Mary can outrun Prince
Go Home Productions · x
scientist girl
North Atlantic · x
break 2
Randophonic · x
midnight at the oasis - remix
Cuica vs Maria Muldaur · what is hip?
between Clark + Hilldale
Love · forever changes
Johnny Cash · x
star star
Rolling Stones · goats head soup
break 3
Randophonic · x
wild world
SNFU · x
if you really loved me
Stevie Wonder · where I'm coming from
anorexia gas balloon
Satanicpornocultshop · x
maybe partying will help
Minutemen · double nickels on the dime
break 4
Randophonic · x
windmills of your mind
Dusty Springfield · Dusty in Memphis
mole in the ministry
Dukes of Stratosphere · 25 o'clock
I wanna rule the world
10cc · how dare you?
break 5
Randophonic · x
3 Teens Kill 4 · no motive
don't be cruel
Billy Swann · I can help
go ahead John - excerpt
Miles Davis · Big Fun
joy - part 2
Isaac Hayes · joy
break 6
Randophonic · x
where to now, St Peter?
Elton John · Tumbleweed connection
come on in my kitchen
Delaney + Bonnie + Friends · motel shot
Morris Pert · music + rhythm
break 7
Randophonic · x
democracy in action - the normal course
Randophonic · x
something new + bopped on the head
Holzkopf · x
weedy seadragon
Kevin Hay · x
yeti - improv
Amon Duul II · x