Randophonic Episode May 1, 2021

How To Be Confused #13

11:06pm - 2:01am

Continuing the dive into the 1499 records we all need to hear before the eschaton immenatizes ... because if you never go over the top, how will you see what's on the other side?

Track Listing:

Randophonic · x
angels in pain
Princess Tinymeat · x
X Ambassadors, K.Flay & grandson · x
love revolution
All Mighty Whispers · x
break #1
Randophonic · x
Betty's worry or the slab
Hunters + Collectors · jaws of life
I am the fly
Wire · chairs missing
soul desert
Can · soundtracks
Stereo MCs · x
break #2
Randophonic · x
shed your skin remix
Indigo Girls · x
armor and sword
Rush · snakes + arrows
real life
Tones on Tail · pop
terror couple kill colonel
Bauhaus · x
party with children
Ratatat · x
break #3
Randophonic · x
bat out of hell
Meatloaf · bat out of hell
father to son
Queen · Queen II
shark ridden waters
Gruff Rhys · x
break #4
Randophonic · x
my back pages
Byrds · younger than yesterday
beauty and the beast
David Bowie · heroes
bat chain puller
Captain Beefheart · shiny beast ...
Requiem for Molly 2
John Fahey · Requia
break #5
Randophonic · x
state of independence
Jon + Vangelis · x
cha cha 2000
La Dusseldorf · viva
time it's time
Talk Talk · colour of spring
break #6
Randophonic · x
worried blues
Bob Dylan · x
Siberian breaks
MGMT · announcing
the typing pool
Daniel Figgis · x
hide + seek
Daniel Figgis · x
break #7
Randophonic · x
Daniel Figgis · x