Randophonic Episode June 13, 2020

Covid-4 - with Edgar + beats

11:03pm - 1:55am

a loose sort of program that ends up working through a lot of spaced out grooves and ultimately gets blissfully lost in realms of Edgar Froese ...

Track Listing:

Randophonic · x
can't stop now
Goose · x
magic fly
Space · x
break #1
Randophonic · x
gold in the mirror
Xn · x
what's that noise?
Cold Cut · What's that noise?
journeys by DJ - excerpt
Cold Cut · Journeys by DJ
break #2
Randophonic · x
Papua New Guinea - mix and edit
Future Sound of London · x
Dub Syndicate · x
danse kalinda da boom
Dr John · gumbo
goin' a little crazy
Guess Who · so long Bannaytyne
break #3
Randophonic · x
we all want to be free
Tranquility Bass · let the freak flag fly
dance o'er the border
Beta Band · Beta Band
La Dusseldorf · Viva
Can · box
mighty girl
Can vs Lindstrom + Prins Thomas · x
nights of automatic women
Edgar Froese · x
break #4
Randophonic · x
long + deep mix
Edgar Froese · x